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How do you wake up the baby? Ware

How do you wake up the baby?

A baby can sleep even 18 hours a day. But sometimes, it must be awakened - either to be nourished, or to be given a medicine, etc. You might get hit by the situation where the baby is a sleepy one who doesn't even want to wake up. Here are some essential steps when you want to wake it up!

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Pumpkin pickled Comments

Pumpkin pickled

Pickled pumpkins can be eaten at any time of year, but they are much more tasty in winter, when it is the season of pickles. Here is a simple and tasty recipe for pickled pumpkins! Preparation time 30 min. Difficulty slightly Ingredients 2 kg of pumpkin (small size) 2 carrots 2 onions 4-5 cloves garlic 200 g vinegar bay leaves celery leaves mustard pepper peppercorns coarse salt Preparation Pumpkin wash, cut off the ends and inflict from place to place with a fork on the sides.

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Grape compote Information

Grape compote

The grape compote can be prepared both from white grape seeds and from black grape beans, according to preference. Preparation time 50 minutes Difficulty Easy Ingredients 2 kg grapes 2 l water 800 g sugar 100 g honey (optional) 1 sachet vanilla sugar Preparation Wash the grape sticks well and prepare a few clean jars.

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Puree with pumpkin and egg yolk Comments

Puree with pumpkin and egg yolk

A delicious recipe for mashed potatoes with pumpkin and egg yolk, recommended for babies 6-7 months. quickly pumpkin 1 egg hard a piece of butter 1. Pumpkin is cleaned, fibers, kernels and, of course, peeled, then cut into pieces. 2. Boil the pumpkin pieces in a pressure cooker.

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In places, be ready: KIDEX is coming to Cluj! Comments

In places, be ready: KIDEX is coming to Cluj!

This year, Cluj will host the most joyful fair for children and the whole family, an event with tradition and success, organized so far only in the capital. It is about KIDEX, a celebration of the little ones that will take place from October 17 to 19, 2008, at the Transilvania Expo Complex.

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Finest care for your baby's clothes Information

Finest care for your baby's clothes

Caring for the little one and paying attention constantly means love ... Protecting the baby's skin is one of the mothers' first concerns, and the detergent used to clean his clothes is very important. Pediatricians recommend the use of detergents specially formulated for babies, to avoid allergies and irritations.

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